in your new edit.. where is that photo of isabelle with heart glasses drinking a drink from?
from: Anonymous

idk :c I just saw it and i liked  :)

brenlala on deviantart posted a bunch of your stuff! unless that's your account.. in which case, you are fantastic! your edits are AMAZING!
from: Anonymous

Yep, that’s my deviantart, thanks so much <3 *-*

is brenlala your deviantart?
from: Anonymous

Yes, that’s my deviantart xd

Fri, 20th June   26
This is queen clato.. I meant the other pic. Not the one from the basketball game but the other one.
from: Anonymous

Oh sorry, here’s :)

hello! i love this manip to much: post/87461427544 just wondering.. can u please tell me where the older pic of her is from? thank you :)

It’s from a basketball play, here’s the pic :)

Sun, 01st June   77
I love your edits!
from: Anonymous

Thanks so much <3

you're welcome. :)
from: Anonymous


someone is taking credit for your floral edit (unless this is your twitter): twitter(.)com/fuhrmanforlife/status/467822482708119552
from: Anonymous

OMG D: no! that’s not my twitter thanks for the notice :)